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Vocational training for special needs in Bangalore India




Help for Children with special needs and disabilities.


Sandesh - A community working to spread the message of love and equality

We are a community that works with, and for, the members of our society who have intellectual disabilities. Each individual is different and unique and we respect this. Members who have intellectual disabilities need more protection and care in every way. They are not aware of their rights as the citizen of this country so they need voices and loving hearts who will journey with them. Unfortunately, many individuals consider themselves burdens or useless individuals.

At Sandesh, we can truly say we have learned a great amount from each of our members. They teach us to be loving, to have patience, and to live without wearing masks. They show their true selves at all times and there is no pretending. They forgive without any effort, and give and receive love openly. It is true that life is different and tough for some of our members, especially when unable to express themselves or make others understand their needs, but their hearts are pure.

Sandesh became registered as a  Charitable Trust on May 30, 2008.

The community activities take place in a rented premise in Lingrajpuram, a place of great need in many ways, and Sandesh is situated right in the midst of the slum. With the help of the local social workers, we came to know the many children and adults with disabilities who were locked up in their homes as the parents went out to work.

The initial plan for Sandesh was to start a residential facility for adults; however, the reality and needs of the time were a day care and vocational unit so children would have a place for the day and their parents could freely go to work. The families maintain the responsibility for the children as they return home at the end of the day.

Sandesh began with the energetic 7 year old Shiva and slowly the number has increased.

Small term goals are set to give our members the self care skills needed, for example, eating on their own, toilet training, walking, and grooming. It is these skills that takes the longest time. It is not only the members who need support, but also the parents, in particular, the mothers. They need support to help recognize and accept that their beloved child has a disability and it is of no fault of their own. Supporting parents is an important factor and to journey along side them can be a challenge at times.


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