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Sandesh is a Registered non-profit organization established in 2008 for people with Intellectual and developmental disabilities. We started working actively from 2010.

Sandesh means “Message”. We aim in spreading the Message of love and equality for all human beings- disregarding the abilities.

Sandesh has reached out to more than 200 families. Each of them has received hope and courage to face the life with dignity and smile.

History of Sandesh.

Sandesh, has been a dream for many years with the mission of ’Creating a community that empowers and dignifies intellectually disabled individuals. ‘Sandesh’ was registered as charitable trust on 30th May 2008. The preparation journey took over two years until Dr Molly Abraham, founder of Liza home agreed to begin this mission at her vacant building in Lingarajapuram, which needed repair and renovation. Finally, we officially invited Shiva 7 years and Priya 10 years with mental disability and no verbal communication to Sandesh on 8th September 2010. Number of disabled members reached to 15 within no time.

 The initial idea of a residential home become a day care facility as the need for parents to leave their child in a safe environment as they go to their domestic work. With the help of local social workers, we came to know that many families who were locking their child with mental disability while going for work. It was hard for each parent, but this was the only option they could do for their child safety.

Sandesh became a ray of hope for many families. Most of them has been rejected from other homes and special school due to their poor financial background or with their severe disability. We welcomed all who needed care and support to grow to their potential with respect.

The community is founded upon simplicity and humbleness. We believe in humanity. The culture and inter-religious aspect of respecting all religion, their festivals and celebrations attracted many staff and volunteers from India and abroad. Soon the teams were blessed with many friends and well-wishers all over the world.

During all these years we have constantly re- located our centers in many places due to lack of infrastructure or the buildings were on sale. It was painful to re-locate each time as it takes lots of energy to find a suitable place and settled down. Even for the members with disability has to go through a lot of insecurity and fear of losing the community and their friends. It was sad, with change in location we have lost many of our members.

Sandesh has introduced, Day care facility with physio, occupational and other various therapies for severe and profound disabilities. Pre-vocational and vocational for mild and moderate disabilities in getting trained in different hand-crafted products. In all these years Sandesh has made an identity with the products in vocational unit and is able to work with many companies for their corporate gifting. The appreciation from friends and well-wishers, encourage the community and the members to be more creative and productive. Sandesh dream by providing a dignified life to our members started stepping towards a reality. Our members above 18 years are paid for their work. This token of appreciation made them more independent and very responsible person at work and home.

All these years Sandesh has taken many steps forward… made beautiful friendship around the world. Celebrated life of each individuals and have been able to spread happiness to many, given hope and desire to live. We have witnessed many success stories.

The community is founded upon simplicity and humbleness. We believe in humanity

Our Mission

Create an inclusive environment that empowers all individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by enhancing their abilities through various therapeutic activities, care and equal opportunities for a dignified life.

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Our Mission

Our Vision

An inclusive environment that leads to a dignified life for every individual with intellectual and developmental disability.

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