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Our Programs

Daycare for members with Severe and Profound Disability


We call this unit as UTSAV as here life is a celebration each day each moment

The first step of intervention program for the people with severe and profound disability was our Daycare program. Through various filed visits conducted by our staff among society and friends we found that life of severely disabled was miserable. We provide day care facility to beneficiaries which includes care, nutrition, physiotherapy, medication and appropriate training for them to become independent in their personal needs as much as possible. Some of our members are also supported with aids and appliances. Daycare program has helped the members and parents. Before parents used to find life very difficult when they had to leave members at home alone while going for work. Now they are happy and at peace as their child is taken care in Sandesh. Through the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings conducted at Sandesh we could see everyone were happy with the Daycare program. Some has also stated it is changing their lives. This comment are an achievement to staff and organization


Daycare for members with Severe and Profound Disability

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Pre-vocational unit is considered as our important program. A unit that is focusing in providing and enhancing self-confidence. We have members from daycare in this unit and we also take direct walk-in. Here we train the members to be part of vocational unit someday hence helping in the betterment of their lives. We have yoga, physiotherapy, speech therapy, Functional life skills, and garden project for members in Pre-vocational. Members in need of aids and appliances are provided by us. We take care of their nutrition while in Sandesh. Parents of our members are happy to see their kids grow with Sandesh. Few of our members were locked inside house before and now they are having hopes through Sandesh

Sheltered Work Unit

Workshop for members with Severe and Profound Disability


Sheltered workshop in Sandesh looks forward to skill development training for the members. We look forward to making them the protagonist of their life. Our activities are conducted to improve their concentration, focus, we teach them skill so that one day they can make a living out of it. Sheltered Workshop products include lamp shades, books, photo frame, paper mache bowl, bamboo craft, perfume glass candle, fancy candle, paper bags, paper mache basket, beas works, clay pot diya and mutki diya. All the products are handmade and done by our members in vocational units, supported by staff.We could proudly say the products they make can compete the market standards. Sheltered work unit has helped sandesh in the betterment of life of our beneficieries

Early Education

Early Education for members with Severe and Profound Disability

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This is a new unit started by Sandesh from 2019. This program was started as a progress of Day care program. From two years we have observed in our kids some improvements but they cannot be really updated to the pre-vocational. So we came up with a plan of starting a Department for the kids who are in between the phase of day care and pre-vocational and we named it Early Education. Children with mild and moderate disability who are capable of learning comes under this department. This is more of an educational department where we teach the kids above 5 years of developmental age, on basic knowledge and skills which include from language, alphabets, puzzles, functional life skills, play therapy, yoga, various therapies that is needed for them to grow to their potential. We do hope that they get good training and get admission in special school and be more integrated

Early Intervention

Early Education for members with Severe and Profound Disability

  • Early intervention is an intervention through a positive approach or attitude to either alleviate the problem or remediate or reduce the intensity of the problem through professional guidance and social commitment. The purpose of early intervention mainly is to reduce the deficits and secondary effects by training children in activities to promote development and learning of new skills which might not occur by itself or naturally in children with developmental delay or other intellectual disabilities. SANDESH has 8 years of experience in reaching out to families with intellectually disabled children. Our learning and experience have led us to understand that lot of the severe disabilities we come across can be properly addressed if they were detected early and given appropriate intervention at family and community level. By reaching out to the community SANDESH will be more aware of the areas of special needs care and developme

 To enhance the ecosystem to identify and refer 100 children with developmental delay within 10-kilometer radius around the present premises of Sandesh

Networking with other NGO’s for addressing medical/social security needs of children

To train and provide awareness to primary care taker

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